Take a look at the history of our company through our timeline.

Our Timeline

Keystone Computers opened in 1998.

On December 7, 1997 the company was founded under the name Keystone Computers. In early 1998, Keystone Computers began offering computer service and sales by buying cases, motherboards, power supplies, chips, memory, etc. to build and resell PCs, monitors, keyboards, mice and printers.


In 2002 Keystone Computers was re-branded.

Within a few years Keystone Computers began expanding as they successfully built and networked their first custom close NT4 Server for 10 PCs. In 2002 Keystone Computers introduced networking, routers, and wireless to their repertoire of services. As a result, Keystone Computers changed their name to Keystone Computer Technologies to better represent the spectrum of services they now provide.


In 2009 the company became incorporated.

Within a few years of the re-brand, Keystone dropped “Computer” from the company name and became incorporated as Keystone Technologies in December of 2009. Keystone Technologies Ltd. now focusses on small to mid level businesses rather than residential PC builds and fixes.


In 2010 Keystone began to grow in numbers.

As demand for managed services and outsourced IT support grew so did Keystone Technologies. To cope with these industry demands, the company employed three new employees in 2010.


In 2012 the company continued to branch out.

As the industry changes Keystone Technologies adapts their services to keep on top as a leader in IT support. In 2012 the company introduced managed services, cloud computing, tablets/ smartphones, and phone systems into their list of services.